Coastside Hope partners with Second Harvest food bank on the second and fourth Monday of every month to provide groceries to over 130 seniors, many suffering from chronic health issues.

These elder Coastsiders come from all walks of life and are living at or below the poverty level.

They gather in the Senior Housing community center early to socialize. For some this is the highlight of their week. Many live alone and are unable to drive so this becomes a social event that they look forward to as well as a food distribution. The room is full of energy as caring volunteers set up tables. The volunteers stock the tables with food provided by Second Harvest, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The seniors line up and select the items that they want and express their gratitude as they fill their bags with groceries for the week.

Without the Brown Bag Program, many would be forced to choose between food and other necessities, such as medication or utilities.

COVID-19 Brown Bag Food Distribution- Volunteers needed to deliver by foot pre-packed food boxes to 147 seniors.




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