Coastside Hope is not accepting clothing or furniture donations at this time- thank you.

Coastside Hope programs provide immediate emergency assistance to Coastside residents. In addition to our core mission, we continually seek to expand programs which help individuals become more self-sufficient and independent, and ultimately help them build a better future.

Our ability to provide human service programs depends, in large part, on the generosity of the surrounding community. Provide assistance by donating online, or by partnering with your Coastside friends and neighbors to support the mission of Coastside Hope. If you prefer to donate by check, please mail your check to: Coastside Hope, PO Box 1089, El Granada, CA 94018. Our office and food pantry are located at 99 Ave Alhambra, El Granada.

You can choose one of many ways to become a Partner in Hope:

Donation of Stock via Electronic Transfer

  •  Please contact  Judith Guerrero at (650) 726-9071 to notify Coastside Hope of your gift.
  •  Coastside Hope will accept stock donations of companies that trade on the US public stock exchanges.
  •  Coastside Hope will not accept physical delivery of stock certificates.
  •  Coastside Hope will not accept gifts of restricted stock/options, automobiles, or other non-liquid personal financial assets. Coastside Hope reserves the right to reject any gifts. Coastside Hope will provide the donor with the market value of the gift.
  •  Gifts of publicly traded stock can be made by the transfer of securities from a donor’s brokerage account to Coastside Hope’s account at Charles Schwab via the Depository Trust Company (DTC). To perform such a transfer, simply notify your broker of the securities to be gifted and provide the following transfer instructions:

DTC No. 0164, Code 40 Coastside Hope Charles Schwab Account No. 2606-0039 Donor Name and Address: (Your name and address)

Gift Valuation Date

The gift valuation date is the date that Coastside Hope’s Schwab account receives the transferred securities. You will receive a tax receipt to substantiate your gift.

Gift Valuation Amount

The gift value amount of a stock gift is calculated by averaging the high and the low published selling prices for the stock on the gift valuation date.
All gift valuation dates and amounts are calculated by Coastside Hope for internal recording purposes and are included on your tax receipt. They may differ from the date and amount with which your charitable tax deduction may be determined. Please consult with your tax advisor.

Become a Partner in Hope and you’ll be giving back to your community, helping with the basics of life … and you will be giving hope.

Coastside Hope is a 501(C)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible as permitted by law. Federal Identification Number – 51-0199747.

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