Family Harvest


On the third Thursday of every month Coastside Hope partners with Second Harvest Food Bank to provide monthly groceries to about 70 families with dependent children. The average Family Harvest recipient household’s income is $1,441 per month. On the day of the distribution, Second Harvest delivers six to seven tons of food to our Princeton Harbor warehouse at 1:30 pm. Volunteers then break the bulk food into family sized servings. Recipients queue up in their cars and our volunteers give them their bags of groceries for the month starting at about 3:30 pm, going until 5:30 pm. Carpools are common, as many cannot afford a car. The program is an efficient use of resources, taking less than four hours and only two employees. Our volunteers make it all happen — neighbors helping neighbors! This is a great event for high-school students to get their required community hours. No pre-registration is needed, just come by after school on the day of the event, and we’ll put you to work! Family harvest dates for the 2018-2019 school year are 09/20/18, 10/18/18, 11/15/18, 12/20/18, 01/17/19, 02/21/19, 03/21/19, 04/18/19, 05/16/19, 06/20/19, 0718/19, and 08/15/19.

Location: 214 Harvard, Princeton harbor (corner of Harvard and Airport) – also known as “The Adopt-A-Family warehouse”.

Time: 1:30 – 5:30 or any part thereof. Advance registration not required, drop-in volunteers welcome.

Right now I’m not working, so it saves me a lot. With it and a little money, I can get through the month. Thank You!
– Steven

I like everything. It helps a lot with the kids, don’t know what I’d do without it.
– Socorro

I love everything about the program and it really helps for those of us who are unemployed.
– Jose

It helps a lot with the low-income families and with our kids.
– Petra

We like everything they give us and it helps a lot.
– Ana

It helps a lot with the vegetables.
– Mariana

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