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About Coastside Hope

Coastside Hope is chartered by San Mateo County to be the primary core human services agency for the mid-coast. We are located at 99 Avenue Alhambra, El Granada, CA. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1089, El Granada, CA 94018. Contact us by phone at 650-726-9071. Our Federal Identification Number is 51-0199747. We thank you for visiting our site and invite you to join us in our mission to provide hope to our neighbors on the Coastside.

Coastside Hope was established in 1976 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit human services agency to benefit the residents of the San Mateo County Coastside. The agency was previously known as the Coastside Opportunity Center but changed our name in 2006 to better reflect what we bring to our clients … hope for a better life and a more secure future.

Download our Coastside-Hope-2016-2017-Audited-Financials

Our Mission

Coastside Hope’s mission is to offer basic life necessities with dignity and hope to mid-coast residents. Our guiding principle is “Necessities for today, Opportunites for tomorrow.” We  provide: Necessities in the form of food, clothing, housing assistance, online application for government benefits, referrals, and other support when neighbors need it most; Opportunities in the form of free citizenship classes, free tax preparation services, and connections to  programs and services of other organizations so that neighbors have the chance to achieve more. We strengthen families and our community at large through our direct services and our partnerships with local agencies, businesses, schools, civic organizations, and faith groups.

All services are provided on a non-discriminatory basis, and we do not charge a fee for any of our safety net programs.

Each year we touch the lives of more than 15% of the people in our service area, serving over 3,500 people including more than 1,500 children.

Coastside Hope is governed by a volunteer Board that represents a cross-section of the Coastside community.

  • President: Beth Easter
  • Vice President: Dianne Baker
  • Treasurer: Barbara Wright
  • Secretary: Sandra Adams
  • Members: Dawn Beavis, Michael Klass, Heidi Kuiper, Peter Lowenberg, Michael Montgelas, Judy O’Leary, Jeff Perls, Bob Reilly, Maureen Szostak
  • Honorary members: David Pasternak, Rose Serdy, Dell Williams

Almost 1/5 of our funding is provided by Coastsiders who choose to help their neighbors through Coastside Hope. Over 90% of every dollar given goes directly to goods and services for those in need. The agency receives funding from foundation grants, County funds, limited immigration client fees and the generous contributions of citizens of the Coastside. The agency is efficiently run by an experienced, full-time staff of five (four bilingual) with the assistance of many volunteers. Our volunteers give over 5,000 hours of service every year. Administrative expenses are kept low because volunteers provide reception services, do most of the physical labor for the food and clothing programs and help with the fund raising work.

Every month at least 40 Coastsiders give us the gift of their time. Without them, we simply could not help so many.

Our Vision

Coastside Hope envisions a day when all Coastsiders are able to pursue their dreams without worrying about food, clothing, or safe shelter.


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    • Hi Del,
      Thanks for your interest! We have five full-time and four part-time staff. Full time staff are: Fatima Soares, Lorena Galindo-Perez, Violeta Almaguer, Ali Neira, and Keith Terry. For our titles and contact info, please see our contact page at https://coastsidehope.org/contact Part-time staff are Julie Rupert, Cecilia Sahagun, Joan Jama, and Anthony Moss.

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