Client Story: Ken and Kenya

  Clients “Ken” and “Kenya” live on the Coast with their 9-year old son. Ken is a tech worker and the family breadwinner. Kenya suffers from a chronic disability and is the primary caregiver for their child.

Ken lost his job in a June 2018 downsizing and was unable to quickly find another. In December, with his savings shrinking, no job offers, and unemployment ending, Ken decided to launch his own tech business. Despite her disability, Kenya began doing odd jobs and errands, bringing in whatever income she could.

Ken’s business is growing and the family is approaching financial stability again. But they faced a problem – they could not pay overdue rent and utility bills, so eviction loomed.

Kenya came to Coastside Hope for help. Our case manager enrolled the family in our free food program and reviewed government benefit enrollments, providing immediate assistance and strengthening the family budget. She then helped Kenya work through a rental assistance application process. Happily, we were able to successfully qualify the family and pay their back rent, preventing eviction.

Rental assistance is one of a wide range of services we provide that serve a common goal: to stabilize local families in their time of need and prevent homelessness.

Thanks to your support,
Coastside Hope was here to help.

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