Client Story: Alma

Sometimes asking for help is the hardest part, as in the case of new client “Alma.” On meeting with our case manager for the first time, Alma said, “I swallowed my pride and came to you for assistance and support.” Alma cried as she spoke, repeatedly apologizing to our case manager for bothering her and saying how embarrassed she was to ask for help. Our case manager told her it was OK, and that our job is not just to help with paperwork. We are here to listen to our clients and help them find the strength to better their situations.

Alma’s situation is very difficult. Her husband cleaned out their bank accounts and disappeared, leaving Alma in debt, penniless, and with no stable income. Her adult children are doing what they can to help her, but they are struggling to support their own families and have little to spare. Our case manager offered food from our pantry, which Alma gratefully accepted. She then helped Alma apply for food stamps.

Our case manager is continuing to work with Alma, helping her identify options to improve her situation. Each time Alma visits the pantry, she thanks our case manager the only way she can – by giving her a big warm hug.

Thanks to your support,
Coastside Hope was here to help Alma in her time of need.

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