2018 Sobrato Challenge Grant Update

85% full fundraising thermometer

Thank you Coastsiders For your generosity! As of 10/24/18 we are 85% of the way to meeting our 2018 Sobrato Family Foundation 2:1 Challenge Grant! The Sobrato Family Foundation has given Coastside Hope a  $23,000 2:1 challenge grant. This is a two year grant that will provide a total of $47,150 in grant funds from Sobrato if we meet the terms. To meet the terms, all we have to do is raise $23,000 in new or upgraded dollars from community members just like you.  If we meet the fundraising goal, in addition to our $23,000 grant for 2018, Sobrato will give us another $24,150 in 2019!

As of this posting, We are 85% of the way there.

Please consider making a donation to Coastside Hope now to double the impact of your support and help Coastside Hope provide safety net services to over 3,000 Coastsiders every year!

Every $30.00 donation provides free food and other assistance to a Coastside Family for a year.

We need to raise $5,472 more to reach our challenge. Please make a donation today!

matching appeal image

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