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Ode To The Humble Can Opener

Let me ask “What is the most useful kitchen appliance you own?”  That fancy mandoline from Williams Sonoma, your strawberry huller, cherry pitter or the pineapple slicer you picked up on your last trip to Safeway???  My best guess is that pretty much no one would say their basic can opener  (unless you have one of those fancy electric ones, of course) A can opener is such a basic piece of kitchen equipment that we probably don’t even think about it in the context of a cool kitchen utensil. Unless you don’t have a kitchen of course!  Many of our Coastside Hope clients are in the unenviable position of not having a kitchen, or even a permanent home – for them the humble can opener is not just a kitchen utensil, but a lifeline to the food that will sustain them.

A good few months ago I took a phone survey, for which I was rewarded  with a $25 Amazon Gift card. Now, much as I would have had no trouble at all spending $25 on Amazon, I thought Coastside Hope might make better use of it.  Keith’s eyes lit up “Yes! I can buy at least 8 can openers with that.”  Well, I was kinda surprised. Of all the millions of things Amazon sells, Keith was going to buy can openers!!

Coastside Hope clients can take advantage of the Food Pantry at Coastside Hope if they run short of food. Much of this food is in canned form – soup, tuna, tomatoes, beans, sweet corn – the list goes on and on!!  But this food is no use at all unless you have a can opener!! –   So Yay For The Humble Can Opener – so much more useful than that fancy mandoline!!

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