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I Never Did Get His Name

I volunteer at Coastside Hope, answering phones and greeting clients, sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month – really, whenever the need arises. Its a non profit near and dear to my heart . Coastside Hope really makes a difference in the lives of the working poor, the homeless – anyone that is plain down on their luck – Coastside Hope, and the neighbors that support them, can help change the course of a life, and I am incredibly proud to be a small part of that work. Great success stories abound, but one in particular has really stayed with me.

It was a dark, rainy, miserable day last winter. The office was pretty quiet, as no one really wanted to brave the rain. A young man that I had not seen before came into the office. He was distraught. He found himself without a home, with no access to shelter, and it was a couple of days since he had eaten. He looked hopeless. I’m sure he felt hopeless.  He had run into one of our established clients over at the harbor, who had told him “Hey – the folks over at Coastside Hope can help you”.  And help him we did!!  He was able to meet with one of our epic caseworkers almost right away – she was able to give him info on the free health clinic in Half moon Bay, advise him on what benefits were available to him , and take him in to our free food pantry, where he  could “shop till he dropped”. He left the office less than an hour after he arrived, with an arm full of groceries, with a lead to some health care, with tons of info on what he could do to make his life just a little bit better. On that dark, miserable day back in February, Coastside Hope gave that one young man a twinkle of light at the end of his dark tunnel.  I never did get his name but he left Coastside Hope with – well – Hope!  That’s what we do at Coastside Hope for thousands of people on the mid coast every year!!





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