Client Update: Stephanie

One year ago, readers of Coastside Hope’s newsletter learned about our homeless neighbor Stephanie and our efforts to help her. We thought it would be appropriate to update you on Stephanie’s status. Stephanie is now permanently housed “over the hill” on the peninsula. She has had the surgery she required and is capable of walking again – she sometimes leaves home without her wheelchair now! Our case manager recently traveled to Stephanie’s apartment to visit and to facilitate Stephanie’s transition and support from a sister agency.

Stephanie is a true success story: A homeless client with a degenerative disease who sought our help and developed a bond of trust with our case manager. We first provided services to alleviate the severity of her situation. We provided food, hygiene supplies, clothing, and a wheelchair. Step by step, our case manager worked on a long term solution: qualifying Stephanie for proper medical coverage and a housing voucher, then working with other agencies to find housing. In the end, it all came together. Stephanie is safely housed and is receiving the care she needs to begin working towards self-sufficiency. Thank you for supporting Coastside Hope. Your donations and volunteer service make it possible for us to help Stephanie and individuals like her.

Here is the original story for those who do not receive our print newsletter:

Homeless client “Stephanie” originally came to us for food. Over the years, our case manager developed a relationship as a trusted partner. We helped Stephanie qualify for CalFresh, Medi-Cal, and General Assistance. As Stephanie’s mental and emotional health improved, her physical health declined. We helped Stephanie qualify for subsidized housing, and for months she has been trying to find available housing.

Most landlords refuse to accept housing vouchers in today’s tight market. There is no incentive to do so when high-wage renters are engaging in rental bidding wars.

Stephanie is currently in crisis – unable to walk on most days and critically in need of surgery. The doctors say surgery cannot be performed until she has housing in which to recuperate. Stephanie recently called in desperation, saying “I’m at the point of giving up. Please help me.”

Through hard work and perseverance, our case manager finally found a place for Stephanie. Soon she will be safely housed and can receive the surgery she needs to regain her mobility.

Thanks to your support,
Coastside Hope is here to help our neighbors navigate life’s rough patches.

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