Featured Volunteer: Linda Meyer

Image of Featured Volunteer Linda Meyer

Linda Meyer


“When we moved to the Coast two years ago, I wanted to discover everything I could about our new home.  We were newly retired from the Air Force and discovered throughout our careers that the best way to get to know a new place was to get involved!  I began volunteering at Coastside Hope to better understand what resources were available to support families in need in the community and what I could to help.  What I found was Coastside Hope was the right place to be!

Watching Coastside Hope carry out its purpose of providing a safety net for Coastside residents by providing food, information, assistance with government programs and legal issues, has made me proud to be a small part of the organization.   By working at the front desk, I’ve met some terrific and dedicated people and have learned about aspects of our community which I might have otherwise missed, such as adopt-a-family and the Coastside Emergency Action Program.

As we have settled into the Coastside community, my schedule has changed and filled with kid activities, school, and friends. Yet, I make an effort to carve out time to work at Coastside Hope.  I feel I get as much out of the time I volunteer as I provide.  Plus, knowing I am helping neighbors in need connect with the resources they need just feels good!”

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