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Sea Crest 6th Graders In Action!

On Thursday March 26th, a wonderfully sunny day on the coast, Coastside Hope had the pleasure of hosting neighborhood sixth graders from Sea Crest School in Half Moon Bay.

We were pleasantly surprised to get an email in early March from Katie Moore, Physical Education & Health Director at Sea Crest School, wanting to discuss a project for her sixth grade class. After a brief discussion, Katie told us the Sea Crest students chose to sponsor a Hygiene Drive for Coastside Hope clients. Wow! Excited and honored at the same time, we waited in anticipation of what our young Coastside neighbors would do.

After the successful completion of the Sea Crest School Hygiene Drive, Coastside Hope invited all of the sixth grade participants to our agency to review with them the importance of all their hard work and how our agency will be using their generous and well received donations.

Working as a team, Sea Crest students were given a tour of Coastside Hope’s warehouse and our undivided attention as to why and how they gathered up so many hygiene products during their drive. Our young neighbors told us many things, like:

“We asked all the students in our school to help us raise as many toothbrushes, soaps and shampoos they could to help out Coastside Hope…”

“Coastside Hope gives food to many families here and we wanted to help you out by getting stuff that homeless people also need!”

Honored and grateful for Sea Crest student’s dedication to our mission of helping neighbors in need on the Coast, we were surprised to see how many items they had collected for their Hygiene Drive! Barrels and Barrels full of bath soaps, toothbrushes, shampoo, hygiene products, and so much more were collected by these awesome neighbors of ours! Once the shock left us we were then stuck with the question:

 How are we going to sort all of these items?

Fortunately, the students had a plan. Working in teams Sea Crest sixth graders went through and sorted ALL the products donated! One by one they separated the items and created Toiletry Kits for singles and families to be given away at our agency.  After hours of sorting and bagging, we ended the day by going around and asking Sea Crest students why they decided to participate in a Hygiene Drive and if they learned anything today? Their responses reminded all of us at Coastside Hope why we do what we do to help our neighbors in need and the impact that one person’s effort can generate for others.

“I did this because I wanted to help those who need help”

“Coastside Hope has helped my family, and now I can help them!”

“It is awesome to help others!”

“I feel good about myself when I help others.”

“I know that there are people who need this stuff so I wanted to help. They need these things more than I do….”

Thank you to our young neighbors at Sea Crest for their kind and giving spirits. We help over 15% of our neighbors every year – more than 3,500 people annually – but we can’t do it alone. We need good neighbors who step up to the plate when needed. Thank you for your support. Thank you to these Awesome Sea Crest Students!

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