Client Story: Jim

Recently one of our case managers took a call from a good Samaritan who was concerned about the well-being of an acquaintance. “Jim” is a disabled senior who lives alone on a fixed income. His limited mobility and diabetic restrictions led him to self-isolate from the community.

When our case manager called Jim she found that Jim was happy to hear from her, as he knew of Coastside Hope from a previous outreach event. She discussed his needs and asked permission to meet with him and to contact other agencies on his behalf.

We immediately enrolled Jim in our weekly Senior Brown Bag fresh produce service. Within a week, Senior Coastsiders began delivering meals-on-wheels and working directly with Jim to provide other services. We connected Jim to a Public Health Nurse for an in-home health assessment, and to Redi-Coast to give him needed mobility.

Jim gratefully told our case manager:

“I can’t believe that a stranger would just call me out of the blue and put my world upside down- for the better! You have done in a couple days what I couldn’t do in years! Thank you so much for your help!”

Thanks to your support,

Coastside Hope is here to help our

neighbors navigate life’s rough patches.

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