Featured Volunteer: Marilyn Hedrick

Marilyn Headrick


I have lived on the coast for over 28 years but commuted away for most of it.  Now that I have been retired from the Travel Business for the past three years, I am enjoying staying put here!!

I play tennis, hike, bike, read and love every day!  I have two grown children, Andrew and Abigail, and my husband Ron is still working “over the hill.”

One of my favorite activities is volunteering at Coastside Hope every Monday morning!  It is a great start to the week.  I get to interact with an amazing staff, amazing volunteers, and I love the clientele.  I have been studying Spanish for a few years and I have the wonderful opportunity to try it out here!  Thank goodness everyone is so patient!

I also volunteer periodically in the Rotocare Medical Clinic in Half Moon Bay and feel fortunate to have this opportunity also!

Balancing playing with volunteering is my current secret to happiness!  I recommend it to everyone!

Thank you Coastside Hope for every Monday morning!”

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