Client Story: Marie

She was only 11 and the fog was rolling in when her mother dropped her off with her disabled father and drove away. Marie (not her real name) had only the clothes on her back- flip flops, short pants, and a sleeveless blouse. Her father Sam knew that he needed help immediately- and he knew where to go: Coastside Hope.

The pair sat in the warmth of the Coastside Hope office while waiting to speak to a case manager. Once the situation became clear, the staff of Coastside Hope sprang into action. A Facebook post alerted neighbors of the need, and staff members called friends. Father and daughter shopped for food in the emergency pantry, and within hours the child was warmly dressed in donated clothing. At the end of the day, the grateful pair left with a new sleeping bag to ensure Marie slept warmly in the trying days ahead.

Over the next weeks, case manager Ali followed up. Ali collaborated with another local non-profit to get a clothing voucher at their thrift store. She helped Sam apply for Cal Fresh (food stamps), signed the family up for monthly Family Harvest food program, and helped them enroll in Medi-Cal to ensure health care for the child.

Thanks to your support,

Coastside Hope is here to help our neighbors navigate life’s rough patches.


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