Client Story: Mark

As a construction foreman, Mark made payments on his SUV, rented a house, and supported his young son and chronically-ill wife.

Then the recession hit, and Mark lost his job. He surrendered his SUV to the loan company and bought a 15 year-old truck. The family moved to a one-bedroom apartment and Mark eventually landed a part time job. He worked hard and soon was promoted to full time, with medical insurance. The job paid half of his old one, but Mark could support his family.

When the monthly insurance premium for his wife went up to $800, Mark couldn’t make ends meet. Mark applied for government-assisted medical coverage for his wife and the bureaucracy swallowed them. After six months, as medical bills mounted and prescriptions went unfilled, Mark didn’t know what to do.

Desperate, Mark came to Coastside Hope. Our case manager immediately enrolled him in our food program. The she investigated his case and connected his to free legal aid. Within a month, Mark’s wife was enrolled in a low-cost insurance program.

Thanks to you, Coastside Hope is here to help our neighbors navigate life’s rough patches.

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