Feature Volunteer: Barbara Harp


“After having been a school teacher and administrator for 42 years, having raised four children and seen them graduated from college and enjoying success in their chosen professions, I decided that, perhaps, it was time to retire, “What will you do when you retire?”, I was asked. “Anything I want,” I replied.

I love to travel and I’ve visited 24 countries, but I was fortunate to have a daughter who lived in El Granada. As I visited her I knew that I’d found the most beautiful spot in the world- just meant for me. I joined CUMC and discovered the need for volunteers in the area Brown Bag program. That led to my learning about Coastside Hope and the need for volunteers in the Pantry.

So, when will I retire? As long as Coastside Hope, Second Harvest and I. Brown Bag need volunteers I plan to continue to serve. It is such a rewarding- and enjoyable- experience.”

-Barbara Harp

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