Client Story: Eric

“thank you for bringing my Daddy home.”

A marred couple has two small children; the wife is a U.S. Citizen, the husband was undocumented but wanted to get a permanent residency status. The law requires that during the application process, the applicant must return to his country of origin. So “Eric” left his job, went to Mexico, applied, and waited. Our paralegal had been assisting with the process all along, ensuring that everything was processed as fast as possible. Permanent residency was granted, and the family came in to the office a few days after the father returned. As soon as they came in, their 5- year-old son went to our paralegal a hugged her, saying “Thank you for bringing my Daddy home. I’ve have been dreaming every night that my Daddy was home, and last night I heard him talking to Mommy. I thought I was dreaming again, but when I went into their bedroom, he was there. Thank you!” Now Daddy is home, and he can legally work and support his family.

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