Client Story: Angie

Thank you for your kindness! You gave me time to get my life together. It’s a pleasure to know you.” – Thank you card from a client

Angie is a 65- year-old woman with diabetes who lives alone in a local mobile home park. She has a job but because of medical, housing, food, transportation and other expenses she has trouble making ends meet. When Angie was having trouble paying her rent and though she would become homeless, the mobile home park manager told her about Coastside Hope.

Our case manager took the time to listen, offered emotional support and reassurance, and then began offering concrete help: an immediate visit to our emergency food pantry, followed by rental assistance, and enrollment in our weekly Senior Brown Bag food programs. Our case manager also began the process of marshaling other resources of which the client was not aware. For example, she told the client about the services offered by another Coastside agency and place a phone call to make an appointment for the client. 

Coastside Hope doesn’t just provide food.

We offer hope.




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