In Spirit of Giving Thanks News

We at Coastside Hope would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community who has assisted us this year. You are the heart and soul of Coastside Hope. We’re the team that works for you by implementing programs for recognized needs. The time, donations, and positive word of mouth you provide made it possible for us to help over 3,000 people so far this year. We applaud your generosity and willingness to reach out and help the less fortunate in our community.

Explosion of Nationwide – and Local Need for Food

“The problem is overwhelming.”

Yes, it is. It’s a statement that we at Coastside Hope hear frequently. Recent numbers* show that the percentage of Americans going hungry continues to grow. Currently one in four children are experiencing food insecurity. Over 20 million children are enrolled in school breakfast and lunch programs.

We are disheartened by the recently released statistics that reveal that national hunger epidemic continues to grow in this country. The need within our community often mirrors the rest of the nation and the numbers confirm that same truth. In 2009 we provided over 6,000 units of service, 5,000 of which were food. In the last two years our food distribution has more than doubled – of our 6,000+ clients over 5,300 needed food.

But to say that Coastside Hope is “the agency that feeds the hungry” is a vast understatement because we do so much more. Simply put, we mobilize volunteers and donors who want to help the less fortunate among us. We’re a caring group that solicits the community for various types of donations, that organizes distribution of those items, keeps abreast of the evolving need among our local population, and matches donors and volunteers with people needing specific services or goods.

We’re also seeing and alarming trend in our client base. Their need for food and services is prolonged as employment is increasingly difficult to find . Families who are faced with losing their homes are reaching out to us for food and other goods. And we’re seeing many individuals who’ve never been in the position of needing help before.

Coastsiders, as a community, have a tradition of helping each other. Individuals and businesses are generous with time and money, civic groups actively reach out to the less fortunate among us, and students readily give both time and high spirits to charitable causes. As the need for food and services increases we ask out of you to renew your commitment to our community and provide donations of time or money to Coastside Hope.

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